Helmut Salih

Conny Eaves

Helmut Salih is hematologist/oncologist, Professor for Translational Immunology at Tubingen University and head of the Clinical Cooperation Unit Translational Immunology in the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK) at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ).  Due to its dual allocation, his work is bridging the Cancer Center Tuebingen and DKFZ. For more than 20 years his efforts focus, among others, on the development, preclinical testing and development of novel antitumor-antibodies and peptide vaccination strategies until the stage of clinical evaluation. This is exemplified by presently ongoing multicentric studies that evaluate a personalized peptide vaccination in CLL patients (EUDRA-CT-No. 2015-005817-61) and an Fc-optimized FLT3-antibody for elimination of MRD in patients with AML (NCT02789254). Further clinical studies that presently are being implemented comprise the development of improved bispecific antibodies (e.g., PSMAxCD3 and FLT3xCD3 constructs in a novel format) and immunocytokines with target cell restricted IL-15 activity as well as trials evaluating cancer vaccination in combination with the novel TLR agonists as adjuvant.